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Stephen Henderson ~ Conceptual Beauty, Fantasy Fashion, Creative Portrait & Fine Art Photography at Metamorphosis Photographic Studio, Sedona, AZ.


Sedona is home to many art forms and artists but few people are fortunate enough to be the subject of art themselves and for many women they never have an
opportunity to have their image captured professionally and in a unique way. Photographer Stephen Henderson, of Metamorphosis Studio in West Sedona, has managed not only to master his artistic savvy but also captures the distinctive beauty of his female subjects. Testimonials, from the women who’ve had the opportunity of being in front of Stephen’s camera lens, exemplify the magical experience that he has cultivated offering any woman of any age the freedom to unleash her inner Goddess, Warrior Woman, Enchantress or her true regal nature. He has honed his gift of uniquely immortalizing women in a colorful atmosphere of fantasy and magic that the public is invited to see for themselves.  Stephen's impressive array of elegant ball gowns alone inspires various expressions of utter
delight by all who enter, men included.

Stephen’s 25 year long history as a fashion and beauty photographer in London during the 1980’s and 90’s lends great value to his professional expertise having
worked with Super Models of the time, including Kate Moss when she was fresh to the fashion world. He has shot for advertising, editorial and high profile clients from
around the globe with a portfolio that includes entities like Esprit, Louis Vuitton, Harvey Nichols, L’Oreal, Wella and Schwarzkopf to name a few.


During his time as a professional photographer, Stephen was greatly inspired by the natural beauty of the female form, which is reflected in his stunning pictures.
Today, his work is deeply influenced by his journey of self-discovery and personal transformation. Just over two decades ago, he suffered a serious debilitating windsurfing accident that shifted the trajectory of his life. This prompted him to travel around the world, studying and working with many indigenous medicine people and holistic practitioners from various cultures as he sought to heal more than his physical condition. By way of experience, he was led to become a metaphysician, self-empowerment coach, workshop facilitator and mystic. These uncommon attributes come in handy in his work as he embraces a much deeper psychological concept of aesthetics and how people perceive their own beauty and physical appearance. Stephen collaborates intimately with his clients to strip away
their programmed and conditioned concepts of what Stephen calls “manufactured beauty”. His focus is to expose and capture the true essence and inner beauty of his subjects supporting their own personal journey towards self-empowerment.

His offerings are not limited to women alone. Stephen’s concepts include, mother’s and daughters, bachelorette parties, retreat groups, girlfriends birthday experiences, couples and romantics,  dreamers and children of all ages  too. He has come a long way from experimenting with a classic, old Kodak box camera when he was eight years old traveling around the British countryside with his family. The Red Rocks are now home to another brilliant artist whose work embodies the spirit of Sedona, and that spirit includes supporting women in need in our community.

Linda Damita

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