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I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to experience a Fantasy photo session with Stephen Henderson because he genuinely embodies the artist, mystic, gentleman and healer that he is through his gift of photography. Although I’ve had plenty of experience in front of a camera in my youth, age presents new challenges and certainly levels of self-doubt that Stephen was able to relieve me of in truly magical ways. He created a sacred, enchanting, and safe space where I felt confident, excited, beautiful and empowered. He exemplified professionalism with the added element of authentic kindness where he encouraged and supported me to have fun, allowing my true self to

come out.


The thrill of seeing the final results was awe-inspiring and I felt giddy by the fact that these amazing photos are of me! I know that when I’m an elder woman, I will look back at these images and remember what a special time in my life it was and how Stephen captured something in me that I needed to see and feel. I will forever carry it forward in the essence of who I am. I hope I will still know Stephen 30 years from now and we can do this again!


I can’t say enough about what a wonderful experience it was. The name of his studio is perfectly suited because it truly felt like a metamorphosis of my being into someone powerful and emboldened with confidence to be all that I am meant to be. Stephen Henderson is a master at the Art of Beauty.


Linda Damita



    “Stephen recently orchestrated a fantasy shoot for me and 3 of my best friends—it was a delightful experience!  It was great to see my girlfriends get creative with the gowns, props and accessories he provided.  He instinctively knew how to elicit our inner beauty and capture our unique radiance on camera.

      We had so much fun and Stephen was patient and encouraging as we experimented with different looks and moods to portray.  We are all looking forward to doing it again next year!”



    Stephen, Thank you for  facilitating a literal day of magick! Sometimes you need something different to shake you up, swirl you a new way & re-calibrate your frequencies so you can see a new possible. Women if you are looking for a unique experience that allows you to create, embody your feminine, open your heart in a supportive, fun, innovative environment…Stephen & The Art of Beauty Photography is a must do! Just you, a group of friends, a retreat…Stephen is so easy to work with & makes the whole experience fun. He will help support your creative flow & jump in wherever you need him. He is truly committed to women shining & helping women go beyond. 


    Kimberly Maloney L.Ac. Shindai Wellness

    Like so many people, I love to venture into beautiful Sedona to get away from the city to nourish and replenish my soul. Unlike other times before, this Sedona adventure brought me into the Art of Beauty Photography Studio for a photo session with Photographer Stephen Henderson.

    My entire photography shoot experience with Stephen was professional, fun and far exceeded past any expectation’s I had…I truly felt that this photo shoot was created just for me. My photographs are amazingly beautiful, and I could see that Stephen brought out the best in me in my photographs!  I am truly honored to have been photographed by Stephen and to have this special experience.

    My beautiful photos are the reflections of my extraordinary adventure captured by Stephen at the Metamorphosis Photographic Studio in beautiful Sedona! 


    Forever grateful!

    Carmile Leonard ~ Dancer

    I had the best day~ Being treated like a fairy queen has been a childhood dream! Then to have all the magic captured by Stephen, well it was over the top filled with JOY!


    Thank you Stephen, for creating this and filing it with your patience and eye for making me look my best. This is an experience we all deserve and I highly recommend it. I can’t wait to do it again!


    One of the best experiences in Sedona or any where! 


    Tonya June Moore

    I can't speak highly enough about my photo experience with Stephen.
    When my husband insisted I take professional photos, as a gift to him, I was a little apprehensive. The way Steven got to know me and put me at ease was beyond professional. His lifetime of experience was evident as he guided me with wardrobe, makeup, etc..

    What a wonderful day I spent in Stephen's studio, as I came to life under Stephen's direction. I think it is every woman's dream to be a photo model and Stephen certainly made that dream come true. The entire experience, from first introduction to final product, was exciting, comfortable and 100% professional. And the photos, WOW!

    Stephen provided us with hundreds of proofs to choose from. It took my husband and I over a month to choose the final portraits that will hang in our home. We didn't want to eliminate any as they were so well done. We still look through them often with many "oohs and ahhs".

    My husband continues to say, "It was one of the best ideas he has ever had". We owe it all to Stephen and his great talent.

    Thank you, Stephen, for greatly surpassing my expectations. I would recommend the experience to everyone. I look forward, with great expectation, to my next shoot.

    Thank you Stephen


    A Fantasy photo shoot with Stephen Henderson is a delightful playground a feminine bliss. Imagine becoming a Queen, a Fairy, a Goddess, an Angel or even Cinderella for the day.

    This creative expression of feminine beauty is magically captured through the artistic eyes and creative heart of Stephen. As you unfold into the debts of your feminine beauty through this experience you feel honored, witness, treasured, cared for, and like a princess for the day.

    This process becomes a creative way to nurture the divine feminine that lives in you and a wonderful way to share and honor the playful, magical creative nature that we are all so longing to express!

    I am honored and grateful to have had such a healing and beautiful experience with Stephen, while awakening the Sleeping Beauty that lives in me!

    Varshana Davis ~ Sedona AZ

    This experience with Stephen was extraordinary! The name of his business, Metamorphosis is an understatement. Working with Stephen was fun, exciting, and transformative! Getting out of my 'normal' view of myself and becoming something magical and mystical just for the fun of it actually changed me, leaving me more open and confident and more fluid in moving through life. This is a process of leaving behind who you've always been and stepping into magic. Do yourself a favour and explore your inner world in a new way. Thank you Stephen.

    Vishali Shahin   

    Corporate Meditation Facilitator, Mindfulness Instructor

    I don’t think I can put into words how much the transformational photo shoot meant to me with Stephen. I had worked with him in the past in other venues and I already knew he was trustworthy and spiritually centered. I also knew that I was uncomfortable for as long as I could remember having my photo taken. The process that we started the night before by pulling a card and picking out our attire and props for the shoot was, in itself, an incredible process. Stephen gently and intuitively helped me to allow the uncomfortableness to pass and the excitement to build!


    I knew there were parts of myself that wanted to express more, but I could not have gotten there without Stephen’s vast experience, expertise and the masterful way he puts everything together! I had seen his creativity in other venues I have worked with with him in, but his creativity really shines in this process from start to finish. He knew how to bring out parts of me that wanted to be more alive—and I think the results were more than either of us had imagined! The synergy was palpable going through the experience.


    For me, it wasn’t a photo shoot, it was a deeply spiritual experience and I am still processing inner things that happened. I felt a sense of wonder and expansiveness and my own inner joy being brought forth. I don’t think I’ll fully know what all it did for me, but it definitely created beautiful shifts within my heart and soul that will remain with me forever.


    Additionally, I had a precious friend with me and that created another dimension of fun and joyfulness. We each had separate experiences and also had the benefit of some shared ones. This was truly life giving in some “awe” inspired ways!



    Cheri Thomas

    " My photoshoot with Stephen was a dream come true. I mean, I literally was put into a magical fairytale land where I got to embody my inner Princess. It was a blast. One of my favorite experiences ever.

    I’ve always felt awkward in front of a camera, but Stephen created a space where I felt comfortable and he directed me in movements that made me look vibrant on camera. The music, the setting, the empowerment vibes were incredible! 

    I received hundreds of amazing photos. I had a big smile on my face as I scrolled through all the photos and said ‘Wow! I look gorgeous!” This whole experience has been exquisite. Stephen’s talent is pure genius " 

    Alinka Zellner 

    Working with Stephen Henderson to create this Fantasy Photo Shoot was one of the most wonderful experiences… a total delight and dream come true for my inner child!

    The process of shopping the dressing rooms racks of ball gowns to find the perfect essence of your Godddesspreneur was so fun and then wow … just wow!


    The Transformation that happens in front of the camera is profound. And then you get the pictures and the magic that Stephen creates through his signature shooting style is simply mesmerizing. I can not wait for my next one!


    Look up Stephen, The Art of Beauty Photography at Metamorphosis Photographic Studio in Sedona, AZ


    Kiana Prema

    I was looking for a photographer to provide me with photos for the cover of a book that I am writing and Stephen was recommended.   From the initial meeting he displayed self-assurance and professionalism as he confidently established the direction that he would be taking.  He sought my input and laid out a schedule that was mutually best for both of us.  Professional doesn’t even begin to describe how proficient he is.  I immediately felt comfortable with him.  Our personalities meshed well.  


    Without hesitation, I would recommend Stephen to anyone seeking a photographer.    

    I found him to be caring, attentive, and extremely qualified. 


    He explained that his goal was to not only capture my image, but also to capture my essence. He worked with me until he understood, as he stated, “who is the real Warrington?” “That is the images I want to take”, he explained.  Throughout the entire process, he strived to ensure that I was pleased and at ease, and Stephen provided me with numerous photos from which to choose. By the end of our sojourn, I felt we had become friends.  


     Dr. Warrington S. Parker, Jr.

    The photoshoot experience I had with Stephen was definitely one of the best days of my life. It came at a perfect time to lift my spirits and boy did it. It was an absolutely delightful, fun filled time that I will NEVER forget. 


    Stephen is a total professional who puts  you at ease as soon as you walk in the door. I have never felt comfortable in front of a camera. That feeling was quickly eradicated with Stephen's gentle voice and great sense of humor.


    I would recommend this day to anyone. You will not be disappointed believe me. 



    Janice DuBoise

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